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1299 Books now listed on the website.

I have spent the last 6-7 days adding stock to the website, there were a lot of books accumulated in the “To List” pile over all i think it took me around 40 hours to get around 200 done. For now this is all the stock I will be putting up.. i have another 200+ books waiting to be listed.. they are sold on commission for a friend… I have not had the motivation to get started on them… even though they have been waiting for around a year now.

Anyway a few photos below of the shelves of books books added this last week.. I am glad it’s done and need a few days break before I even contemplate adding the rest.

Some of the rows of books are double stacked, and the lesson learn from this last listing session is to get them listed as soon as they are bought. So I will endeavour from now on to list books after every book hunt.

Can’t wait for the next treasure hunt, but with the high temperatures I may wait another week before heading out.

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Ever So Slowly… Adding books to the website.

I bought quite a few books over the last few weeks. Working as much as I can on adding stock. Managed to do 32 books today, finally had to stop as my brain cannot handle any more date entry for the day.

840 Books listed as of right now, thankfully we are just starting out.. and there are maybe another 300 books to add. I have know for quite a while physical book shops cannot last, as more and more stores close… it absolutely imperative to have an online presence. So here we are… 11:30 pm at night an entire day devoted to adding books… roughly 15 minutes per book. If we continue to grow, we will add books to the site as they come in… so as not to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job at hand.

I’m not sure if i will have the energy to continue this tomorrow.. but the aim is to get the last of the books purchased on Friday as well as all 23 David Weber 1st editions listed… Will keep you updated, check the store for new additions… The shop is open, if you wish to buy a book.

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Website Stock Update.

I have just completed almost all of the non-fiction, there’s a few more to add but I am sick of looking at them… and will do the rest once i get some new stock in.

I have another 150 or so Non-Fiction book still to add. will endeavor to get these done by the end of the weekend.. possibly early next week

After that there’s a mixed lot of 150-200 lot of mixed books to add, that we are selling on consignment.

I am glad I found the motivation to get this process going again, it’s a tedious process, and time consuming… on average I take 10+ photos per book. averaging 1 every 10-15 minutes… once you count all that books.. that’s 1000 x 15 minutes – roughly 250 hours work.

I will keep you updated, we have been brainstorming a possible face book advertising campaign and prizes to grow the customer base.. at the moment thinking of offering 25-50$ coupons when we reach 25 subscribers 50, 100 & 250 etc – again we will make it quite clear once we know what we are going to do.

Site has also been updated to the latest software – as far as I can tell everything is still working.

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Adding Books to the website again.

I have just added another 20 lots of books, and will continue doing more every day whilst the Melbourne lockdown is on. Everything from Tennessee Williams to Suzanne Collins and James Dashner.

Getting ready for the day that Google decides to index the whole site and shows up in search results finally.. at which stage, most likely stock will be added to eBay and a marketing campaign on Facebook.

We may even do a give away or two to celebrate. We have been working on this website maybe 6-8 months, one of the other websites I have been working on took 9 months to show up properly on Google Search.

Bear with us, there are still a lot more books to add.. maybe another 400-500 and we get more stock quite frequently. It looks like the lockdown may go on another week or two, so I aim to be productive… and work on expanding the advertised stock.

Hope all of you are staying safe. Until our next post.. will keep you all updated as I add books.

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Website Update – Stock Added. 12-12-20

I have been working on another website project for the last week or so… finally had the go ok to stop working on it for now. Today I managed to list the ramaining Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Anne Rice and JRR Tolkien..

I will endeavor to get a few more shelves listed by the new year, I have had to slow down the book buying as A: We are almost out of space, B: I cannot keep up with doing detailed listings… ie we are buying more than we can lists…

So theres a few nice 1st editions in the mail. I managed to get a nice copy of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire (1st edition)… that is now on the website, as well as a Tolkien – Tales from the Perilous Realm… we have 2 copies of those now… both on the website.

I managed to find a Maze Runner 1st edition in the US.. that is coming soon, as well as a Scorch trial 1sts edition, am looking to get the full set of the Hunger Games 1st edition in the next few weeks.

But yeh this was just a little update to let you know… yes we are here… slowly adding more books… as of right now we have 444 books listed.. with at least another 4-500 to go.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog… as I am still doing an occasional book hunt.