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1200 Books now added to the Website.

Last 3 days I have been adding books.. I’m managing about 30 a day… I have about another 10-13 days to go.

if you feel like checking out the new addition click HERE:

Check back over the next few weeks as I keep working.. If I can stay motivated… Data entry is not my favourite type of activity… I can manage is short spurts.


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Adding Stock To The Website – A Few Months Of Acquisitions.

We have not listed books for a while, even though we buy new books on a regular basis… Starting to have a bit of a backlog.

This week I will start adding the above books, there’s also a pile of rare Science Fiction from the 50’s 60’s & 70s to add, I also have a colleague buying books for the store on the other side of town… Small pile there waiting for me to pick them up ASAP.

So yes keep your eyes peeled for new stock in the store, we are starting to get a few sales finally, so I need to stay on top of it.

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Adding Books to the website again.

I have just added another 20 lots of books, and will continue doing more every day whilst the Melbourne lockdown is on. Everything from Tennessee Williams to Suzanne Collins and James Dashner.

Getting ready for the day that Google decides to index the whole site and shows up in search results finally.. at which stage, most likely stock will be added to eBay and a marketing campaign on Facebook.

We may even do a give away or two to celebrate. We have been working on this website maybe 6-8 months, one of the other websites I have been working on took 9 months to show up properly on Google Search.

Bear with us, there are still a lot more books to add.. maybe another 400-500 and we get more stock quite frequently. It looks like the lockdown may go on another week or two, so I aim to be productive… and work on expanding the advertised stock.

Hope all of you are staying safe. Until our next post.. will keep you all updated as I add books.

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Thomas Mann eBay finds.

Just started reading Doctor Faustus, found a few 1st editions written later in hi career, also a 1st edition Doctor Faustus coming from the US. One of last century’s greatest writers.

I have also found some other books on eBay USA and these should arrive in a month or so, I will try find some time soon to add more books to the store.

If I can I will also try fit in a book hunt next week.

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Restarting the Treasure Hunts…. Foraging in Frankston.

I have been working on a sister site for – a similar shop but mainly aimed at selling cds and music dvds, record etc.

But I honestly need to take a break from that. So… I went as far as Savers Carrum Downs today… could not find even one interesting book… In hardcover anyway.

Caught the bus back to Frankston and went to the local Salvos… found a small bunch of great books, some rare… and an interesting autobiography of Moby.. it was paper back, but I like the artist, and my world view are starting to align with his… so I was interested in reading it.

I will be starting up the book hunts again… although a little more careful of which books I buy. I ordered some expensive books from the US, and have been burnt a few times… so I will be sourcing a lot more locally, I hope to extend the foraging missions to some suburbs further away once some cooler weather drifts in.

As always, support your local Op/Thrift stores, some interesting finds are waiting for you 🙂

Until the next treasure hunt.