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Not so thrifty thrifting.

There is a Salvo’s store i rarely go to, they are now leaning towards being a boutique store rather than an Op or Thrift store… prices are a lot higher than even other Salvo’s store… saying that i was in the are today with a few dollars to spare, I must say there was a decent amount of good stock.. I picked up 7 books but at almost double the price I would have paid at a different Salvo’s store… This store is the Carrum Downs store on Frankston Dandenong Road… its a charity, I usually don’t mind paying the asking price… but some of the books they had priced at ridiculous amounts… about as much as one would pay on eBay.

Again I got a decent bunch of books, so not complaining… but I probably won’t go back there for several months… let the books respawn :)D

Below is a photo of the books I got today, all 1st editions.

In all honesty there were quite a few god books, still very cheap. Pop in if you are in the area, Salvo’s help a lot of people – so even the few extra dollars I paid goes to people in need.

Till the next treasure hunt, hopefully a little more thrifty.

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An Autumn Stroll Through Frankston

Once every few days we are getting beautiful weather, today is one of those days. I felt like getting out, so I got a coffee and some small cigars at my favourite coffee shop. After which, i decided to visit some thrift stores.

First I walked to the RSPCA across from the coffee shop, there were a few books i was interested in… They have finally increased their prices, which were ridiculously cheap before… and I am alwasy happy to pay a bit more to this charity.

I kept walking and visited the Salvos in Frankston, there were a handful of books, i purchased them and walked to the Red Cross and Vinnies, there wasn’t much there today. I managed to get a few books today, nothing major but I had a great time and managed to score so good reads (see below).

As always supprt your favourite charities, until the next treasure hunt.

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Casual Book Hunting.

I have started several other project and the book hunting is slowly going on the back burner, I do however every few days pop into a thrift store on my way to other places. I have been to Carrum Downs and several times to Frankston… I love browsing for books and below are some of the finds drom the last few weeks.

Have a safe and happy Easter, I look forward to sharing more book hunts with you.

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Short Pit Stop In Carrum Downs (March 2022)

I was in the Carrum Downs area today, so stopped at both Savers & Vinnies. Was not much to choose from at Savers, I think I only got one book, but I did get a tambourine 🙂

Vinnies had quite a few books today, most noticeably two Nicholas Evans 1st Editions including “The Horse Whisperer”, I am trying to diversify the stock levels with other genres and make it more appealing for the other sex.

Must say if you are after older (I feel too old calling it vintage) electronics, the Vinnies in Carrum Downs is stocking quite a lot of stuff including 2 decent turntables I saw today… This Vinnies is fast becoming one of my favourite stores.

Above are the books I picked up, not a bad haul, it has actually been a while since I found a cache of science fiction or fantasy… Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.

As always enjoy your thrifting, it helps the local communities out.

Until the next treasure hunt.

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The Weekends are for Book Hunting.. Mornington.

A friend of mine has been visiting several thrift stores on my behalf in the NE Suburbs of Melbourne. He has picked up quite a few books for me, I’m fairly sure most of these are from Savers in Greensborough (a store I really like visiting). He hasn’t got the same eye for books as me, but I am slowly teaching him to identify books and editions I would pick up on my own…

I picked him along with his car up on Friday afternoon, drove back to Frankston, On Saturday we went thrift hunting.

Below are the books I collected from him this weekend.

On a very beautiful Saturday afternoon with a nice Audi car to drive, we headed up to Mornington, first we visited the Recycling Centre on Racecourse Rd, they have a decent amount of books, I managed to pick out 2-3 books, my friend is into CD’s and picked up about 100+ great albums, there is a lot to choose here, from art, to furniture, bikes etc. Great place to visit if you are in the area. I didn’t take any photos, but it is easy enough to find. PS The staff were super helpful and friendly, giving out small discounts etc.

After the recycling centre we headed to an RSPCA Mega store I had never been to before. it can be found here: 139 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington VIC 3931

The RSPCA in Mornington is a nice big store, not a bad book section, but smaller than most Vinnies and Salvos, everything from clothing to jewelry, books, CD’s even some records. I walked away with a few books for a negligible cost, my friend picked up a vintage Silver Necklace, Old Coins & CD’s. The Store was clean and pleasantly organised, the volunteers were friendly and helpful.

Down the road from the RSPCA there are several more thrift stores, but we only went to the Vinnies, as we were slowly running out of funds.

The Vinnies in Mornington is located @ Factory 6/177 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington VIC 3931, big store, very clean, but starting to get a little pricey, Again everything from Clothes, to Furniture, electronics etc. The book section was massive and the books were relatively well priced, lots of choice if you are after paperbacks, there were only a few books here that I was interested in, and my bank balance was starting to feel a little light, normally I would have gone to the other 2 thrift stores on this stretch of road, but there was no point, we both had an allocated budget for thrifting and it had been reached by the time we left the store.

Out of curiosity we also went past Carrum Downs Savers on the way back, where I picked up 2-3 more books, always something here to buy no matter how small or trivial an item.

Above are the books I picked up in Mornington, a few nice finds including, a George Lucas Fantasy Hardcover 1st edition, as well as a signed John Marsden Book, was very happy was a nice day out and a few nice finds.

After all that I drove my friend back home and caught the public transport back to Frankston, was a long tiring weekend but we both had a great time, I thoroughly recommend visiting these stores if you are local or driving through, these stores do a great job of helping people in the community, any support they can get really does go to helping people in need.

Till the next treasure hunt 🙂