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A Book Hunt in Cranbourne

I managed to get a lift to Cranbourne today, I hadn’t been there for over a year due to lockdowns etc. Last post I made a long time ago, I found some great books. First we visited the Vinnies @ 218 High St, Cranbourne VIC 3977.

The store has had a make over since my last visit, much cleaner and more appealing.. They have a great book section, along with the other typical items a thrift store has, in addition they had a separate room just for electronic items. I found a few books, nothing really special, but this shop had been on my mind for months.

Next we drove to the Cranbourne Salvos @ Home Maker Centre, 10a/350 Gippsland Highway, Cranbourne North VIC 3977.

This is a giant store, a large book section and also a massive furniture section, as I was walking around, some really fantastic furniture was available, the prices here seemed a little extreme, I did however manage to get a 1st edition Margaret Attwood Book as well as 2 box sets, one hard cover, the other paperback.

The Salvos was really pristine and clean, just prices seemed higher than the average Salvos I have in my area. If you are looking for nice furniture on a budget, this might be a great place to look.

All up I didn’t get many books, but at least I have Cranbourne out of my system for some time. Books I bought today:

Until the next treasure hunt.

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Cool Change Book Hunting. Frankston & Beyond.

After the insufferable heat of the last few days, I decided to venture out and have a look at local thrift stores. I managed to get a lift to Savers in Carrum Downs, not much to choose from, barely any hard covers there today, down the road at the Vinnies on Frankston Dandenong Road I found 3 books, the store was abuzz with people, had not seen that many people there for months. This store always has some books, a great selection for everyone, lots and lots of paper backs.

I got dropped off at home and feeling somewhat unsatisfied, I walked to Frankston CBD and visited the local Salvos which has been closed due to flooding for several weeks, I picked out 3 books and left… My little treat for venturing out is a coffee and a cigar, at my favourite Cafe here in Frankston: “Trimms”, its the only place you can have a coffee with your smokes or in my case mini cigars.

On my way home I ventured into the RSPCA shop across the road from the cafe, I picked out 5 books and at the counter was told they were having a sale, I asked them to charge me full price, they gratefully accepted and I walked out with my books feeling content that I had benefited a good cause. 1 mores stop at the Vinnies across from the station, again I picked out several books, and made my way home.

Last Friday I was at Savers and picked up 2 books, sometimes Savers will have a tonne of books, other times not so many… Luck of the draw. I also won an eBay auction last week for a 1st Edition Anne Rice “Queen of the Damned”. I will try list all the books this week.

Till the next treasure hunt.

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My brief thoughts on, Salman Rushdie’s : The Satanic Verses

Although the title may be confronting and off putting for many readers… I decided to read “The Satanic Verses” By Salman Rushdie. It definitely was not what I expected.

I don’t think I have ever read a book by an Indian Author, Mostly fascinated by European and American Authors, this came as a pleasant surprise.

Both from the context of Indian life and the life of Indians abroad, especially in the UK, it gave context for life of immigrants in the UK, their feeling of treatment by the English as well as feelings in India for the English, although this aspect of the book was secondary… or maybe not.

The title of the books relates to the schizophrenic thoughts and behaviour of an Indian actor, in context (not really understood till later in the book), I can see how this book drew so much controversy in the Muslim world, the author himself being subject off a fatwah for his writing. The thoughts of the author are fairly obvious, rejection of religion, the sanctity of “Holy” word, passed on by Muhammad – mouth of God… the book questions both the old context and rise of Islam as well as placing heavy weight on how someone claiming to speak for God would be received today… in the book, heavily Medicated and potentially institutionalised.

The books could be viewed as heretical by some, but it is quite beautiful, even though I found myself lost on the shifting realities of protagonists, the various foreign names, I found I lost track of who I was reading about every few pages. Parts of the book were overly sexualised , reminding me heavily of the works of Phillip Roth.

Apart from the religious context of the book, there were many human aspect that the author dealt with expertly, through love, jealousy, lust, loss & death – I found myself glued to nearly every page, I wanted to know how the author would tie the many ideas together, and in a way the author attempted to separate himself from some of it, by hiding behind a characters mental illness, and I think necessarily to avoid backlash from religious fanatics (allowing for deniability), I did not find any of it offensive, but then again it’s not my religion, many valid points that I have used myself speaking with devout friends and acquaintances… and it can easily relate to Christianity if one lets it. It also gives context to my own rantings about religion at times and the potential offence I may have caused in the past (some food for thought on a personal level).

Overall a quite brilliant book, sometimes comical, but not in the extreme. Apart from religion, it looks at immigration, with assimilation as well as as rejection of values placed by the host country… If you would want to see what life perhaps is like for foreigners in your country, I would highly recommend this book to you… if you have a strong stomach for the irreverent, I must warn you the first half of the books without context or guidance from the author can seem bizarre, well not seem, it is.

I am glad that I read it, never wise to judge a book by it’s cover or in this case “title”.

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1299 Books now listed on the website.

I have spent the last 6-7 days adding stock to the website, there were a lot of books accumulated in the “To List” pile over all i think it took me around 40 hours to get around 200 done. For now this is all the stock I will be putting up.. i have another 200+ books waiting to be listed.. they are sold on commission for a friend… I have not had the motivation to get started on them… even though they have been waiting for around a year now.

Anyway a few photos below of the shelves of books books added this last week.. I am glad it’s done and need a few days break before I even contemplate adding the rest.

Some of the rows of books are double stacked, and the lesson learn from this last listing session is to get them listed as soon as they are bought. So I will endeavour from now on to list books after every book hunt.

Can’t wait for the next treasure hunt, but with the high temperatures I may wait another week before heading out.

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Book Hunting on Gumtree

Of all the places to look for books, Gumtree would seem to be not one of the greatest… But to my surprise there are quite a few books on there… Browsing for book lots the other week… I stumbled on a 10 Book “Aldous Huxley” Heron collection… They are not worth a great deal, but as I collect Aldous Huxley it was providence…

I struck up a conversation with the seller and made an offer for the lot, they accepted and I paid a few days later… the books finally arrived today. One is a bit damaged another apparently has underlined text inside.. Once I start listing them I will have a better idea of the condition… But lesson to be learnt is that great book deals can appear just about anywhere… from social media to market stalls… unless you spend the time looking… One could miss out on a great deal.

Until the next treasure hunt… where ever it may be.