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Short Stop in Mornington.

I have started to go on regular book hunts again, once if not several times a week. I have a tiny bit more time and spending money, and as I am enjoying each trip… Why Not?

Today I managed to get a lift to Mornington, theres a stretch of road (Mornington-Tyabb Rd) that has a slew of thrift stores and a recyclign centre, it was only a short trip and I did nit get a chance to visit all the stores there due to financial constraints…. hint hint… buy more books :)D

But I did visit the St Vincent De Paul Op-Shop and man I have to say amazing variety, a lot of books today and if I had more storage space would have even snapped up a bunch of paper backs.. if you know the store… you would know we specialise mainly in Hard Cover books. The prices here were fantastic, rare to find some of the more commercial thrift stores being this affordable.. I walked out with a bag of books without breaking the bank… Would highly recommend visiting this store.

A few doors down another fantastic thrift store.. relatively recent.. It has been there a while but not as long as the Salvos or the Vinnies. It is called “The Comminity Caring Inc.” Great shop, rows and rows of books, a lot more collectable stuff in display cabinets, again, retail therapy at a very modest cost. I walked away with another bag of books, again very affordable…

On this run I would normally visit the Salvos 500m down the road, but as I had bought quite a few books at the other stores I decided to not even venture into the Salvos. I did however visit the Recycling centre, they also stock books, but I couldn’t find anything worth listing on the store. It’s a great place to visit and one can occassionally find a treasure… If you are in Mornington with 30-60 minutes to kill… and some money burning a hole in your pocket… this stretch of road is one of the best thrift store locales that I have encountered. Below are some photos of books I purchased today.

I cannot say this enough, but these organisations do so much for local communities… if you think thrift store are not for you… they are not just full of vintage clothing, some amazing antiques, furninture can be found there.. I love book hunting and thats my primary reason for visiting… Go for a drive, see if anything catches your fancy.. Support your local thrift stores.

Until the next treasure hunt.

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