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The book hunt continues…

Over the last few weeks I have devoted a little more time and money towards topping up books, I really enjoy book hunting and had a lot of fun over the last few weeks.

Last Friday I decided to go on an overdue Frankston book hunt and came away with a great haul. I visited all the local stores, Salvos, Vinnies, Save the Children, RSPCA etc. All these stores can yield a nice crop, especially of one doesn’t go often, and it had been a while.

I picked up a few books in all the thrift stores mentioned above, but the nice and not necessarily valuable find was a 36 Volume Charles Dickens collection, only Herron but some sort of centennial edition of each volume. The Save the Children thrift store had these, I made an offer for the entire collection and they gladly accepted, the lady at the counter even helped me take the books to the Taxi rank, as some of you are aware I’m on foot these days.

The Tolkien Millenium Edition set was purchased on eBay, i found it at a decent price even though it is a little sun faded.

On Monday i had not gotten the book hunting bug out of my system so I caught the bus to Savers Carrum Downs & Vinnies Carrum Downs, some really decent books, again I had not been there for a good three weeks, and was happy to snap up a few nice titles.

On Tuesday I managed to get a lift to Cranbourne, there is a Vinnies and a Salvos not far from each other. The Vinnies was dissapointing… don’t get me wrong its a great store, but I only found one book… I had better luck at the Salvos and walked out with a bunch of books.

Again I had a lot of relatively inexpensive fun whilst helping the community… Hopefully I can find time to start adding books to the website again.. as there is a backlog of 500+ books at the moment.

That’s it, hope you come back and read about some of our adventures, till the next treasure hunt.

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