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And I Miss You, Like a Lonely Book In a Thrift Store :)D

I had the pleasure of visiting a thrift store i rarely get to go to.. well two thrift stores next to each other.. In Chelsea Heights. The Vinnies and Salvo’s I have blogged about in the past.

The thing worth mentioning about them both is… that they are very fairly priced.. for books at least anyway. The Vinnies has a massive book section and i managed to find about 10 hard cover 1st editions. Some great books… The Salvo’s a great store but the book section appears to have shrunk somewhat.. but prices almost half of some of the other Salvo’s stores i go to.

Was a great trip, I managed to get a lift there, very happy with the books I picked up today, nothing super valuable but excellent staples for a book shop.

The Paladin of Souls was signed by the author, was really happy about finding that one… Anyway.. till the next treasure hunt.

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