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We are still book hunting!

Seems like a long while since my last post… I have gotten quite busy with other projects… but the book hunts continue.

Whenever I have a few dollars spare and some time or if I am passing through an area I know with decent books… I usually stop and grab a few books. Not had a chance to list noew books for a while.. I think there may be about 200 new hard covers that I havn’t had a chance to add to the website.

I am running low on space and need to buy some more shelving soon. I will start adding books again in a few weeks… Just don’t have a lot of spare time right now. These books came from Savers in Carrum Downs, Salvo’;s also in Carrum Downs, Vinnies in Carrum Downs and all the usual spots I Visit in Frankston.

Give it some time but I will start doing regular blogs again. Till the next treasure hunt.

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