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Not so thrifty thrifting.

There is a Salvo’s store i rarely go to, they are now leaning towards being a boutique store rather than an Op or Thrift store… prices are a lot higher than even other Salvo’s store… saying that i was in the are today with a few dollars to spare, I must say there was a decent amount of good stock.. I picked up 7 books but at almost double the price I would have paid at a different Salvo’s store… This store is the Carrum Downs store on Frankston Dandenong Road… its a charity, I usually don’t mind paying the asking price… but some of the books they had priced at ridiculous amounts… about as much as one would pay on eBay.

Again I got a decent bunch of books, so not complaining… but I probably won’t go back there for several months… let the books respawn :)D

Below is a photo of the books I got today, all 1st editions.

In all honesty there were quite a few god books, still very cheap. Pop in if you are in the area, Salvo’s help a lot of people – so even the few extra dollars I paid goes to people in need.

Till the next treasure hunt, hopefully a little more thrifty.

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