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An Autumn Stroll Through Frankston

Once every few days we are getting beautiful weather, today is one of those days. I felt like getting out, so I got a coffee and some small cigars at my favourite coffee shop. After which, i decided to visit some thrift stores.

First I walked to the RSPCA across from the coffee shop, there were a few books i was interested in… They have finally increased their prices, which were ridiculously cheap before… and I am alwasy happy to pay a bit more to this charity.

I kept walking and visited the Salvos in Frankston, there were a handful of books, i purchased them and walked to the Red Cross and Vinnies, there wasn’t much there today. I managed to get a few books today, nothing major but I had a great time and managed to score so good reads (see below).

As always supprt your favourite charities, until the next treasure hunt.

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