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Cool Change Book Hunting. Frankston & Beyond.

After the insufferable heat of the last few days, I decided to venture out and have a look at local thrift stores. I managed to get a lift to Savers in Carrum Downs, not much to choose from, barely any hard covers there today, down the road at the Vinnies on Frankston Dandenong Road I found 3 books, the store was abuzz with people, had not seen that many people there for months. This store always has some books, a great selection for everyone, lots and lots of paper backs.

I got dropped off at home and feeling somewhat unsatisfied, I walked to Frankston CBD and visited the local Salvos which has been closed due to flooding for several weeks, I picked out 3 books and left… My little treat for venturing out is a coffee and a cigar, at my favourite Cafe here in Frankston: “Trimms”, its the only place you can have a coffee with your smokes or in my case mini cigars.

On my way home I ventured into the RSPCA shop across the road from the cafe, I picked out 5 books and at the counter was told they were having a sale, I asked them to charge me full price, they gratefully accepted and I walked out with my books feeling content that I had benefited a good cause. 1 mores stop at the Vinnies across from the station, again I picked out several books, and made my way home.

Last Friday I was at Savers and picked up 2 books, sometimes Savers will have a tonne of books, other times not so many… Luck of the draw. I also won an eBay auction last week for a 1st Edition Anne Rice “Queen of the Damned”. I will try list all the books this week.

Till the next treasure hunt.

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