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Book Hunting on Gumtree

Of all the places to look for books, Gumtree would seem to be not one of the greatest… But to my surprise there are quite a few books on there… Browsing for book lots the other week… I stumbled on a 10 Book “Aldous Huxley” Heron collection… They are not worth a great deal, but as I collect Aldous Huxley it was providence…

I struck up a conversation with the seller and made an offer for the lot, they accepted and I paid a few days later… the books finally arrived today. One is a bit damaged another apparently has underlined text inside.. Once I start listing them I will have a better idea of the condition… But lesson to be learnt is that great book deals can appear just about anywhere… from social media to market stalls… unless you spend the time looking… One could miss out on a great deal.

Until the next treasure hunt… where ever it may be.

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