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1299 Books now listed on the website.

I have spent the last 6-7 days adding stock to the website, there were a lot of books accumulated in the “To List” pile over all i think it took me around 40 hours to get around 200 done. For now this is all the stock I will be putting up.. i have another 200+ books waiting to be listed.. they are sold on commission for a friend… I have not had the motivation to get started on them… even though they have been waiting for around a year now.

Anyway a few photos below of the shelves of books books added this last week.. I am glad it’s done and need a few days break before I even contemplate adding the rest.

Some of the rows of books are double stacked, and the lesson learn from this last listing session is to get them listed as soon as they are bought. So I will endeavour from now on to list books after every book hunt.

Can’t wait for the next treasure hunt, but with the high temperatures I may wait another week before heading out.

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