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Short Stroll in the Sun around Frankston CBD

Given that tomorrow I was planning to to a large book hunt, and having a few spare $$$ I decided to visit Frankston CBD Thrift Stores. I went to Save The Children 1st, couple of cool books, quite a few authors I had not heard of, then I wandered over to the Vinnies, found 1 book. I headed to the RSPCA and didn’t find any books… but I did find 24 heavy solid metal bookends for 1$ each… I was planning to buy some at Target/Kmart for 3$ each… but I’m sure they would have been super flimsy… I did go past the Salvos, but it is still closed due to flooding a few weeks ago… Pity as I had been looking forward to go through their books… I’m sure they will open soon.

I don’t often buy ex-library books… truth be told I avoid them like the plagues… but for the Anne McCaffrey I made an exception, as it is most likely out of print now.

I spent the afternoon arranging books and utilising the top of book shelves with the new book ends to fit more books into my current setup. Happy with the result and now all the unlisted books are in my office ready to be slowly entered onto the website.

Hopefully I will still venture out to Mentone & Mordialloc tomorrow. Check this space for more tales of low adventure :)D

Till the next book hunt.

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