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“Skywriting by Word of Mouth” by John Lennon – A Short Review

Having admired and loved “The Beatles” & John Lennon for their music my entire grown up life, I decided to read “Skywriting by Word of Mouth” as I had purchased with a large lot of Beatles related non fiction titles.

I was expecting something brilliant… and perhaps to someone out there it is… maybe someone who has a better idea of the life of John Lennon and the Beatles, there are most likely very personal references to people etc. But I was left with a feeling of dissapointment.

The book grabbed me as the ramblings of a LSD raddled irrational mind.. jumping from attempted humour to pure gibberish… I got the feeling that this was a cross between James Joyce “Ulysses”, an Andy Warhol picture, A Bob Dylan song from the 60’s and elements of Monty Python movies.

It didn’t take long to read maybe 3 hours.. but I was constantly checking page numbers to see how long I would have to survive this drivel. I had great respect for John Lennon and if not for his fame I doubt this book would have been published.. Perhaps it was never meant to.. sold off for money by Yoko Ono… the last 2 pages are devoted to her description of John leaving her letters and odd musings to make her laugh… I feel perhaps a lot of this book was in-talk / secret language between the couple, words and sentences designed to have significance and humor for their perspective.

To me it was the drug addled schizophrenic writing of someone belonging in rehab or the psych ward – or if deliberately written in this style… Overly pretentious. With a heavy heart I write this… I was expecting genius and instead got a crazy disturbed vibe from this.. I don’t know what his state of mind was… But the book left me with a stale taste in my mouth and the level of admiration I had for one of my favorite artists diminishing.

I may have not understood the point… perhaps no one was meant to…

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