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“Revolution 19” by Gregg Rosenblum – A short review

So I read and reviewed a John Lennon book earlier today, it left a stale taste in my mind.. So I went looking for a book that would hopefully be more appetising. I chose Revolution 19, because the title tag caught my eye and had a great front cover. “We built them to save us. Now they want to destroy us.” I was hoping for another Terminator / I Robot type book…

What I got was a very simple story, crafted I think for teenagers or possibly younger, the story itself was a nice read… With streaming services lately not having much to offer, I have been trying to motivate myself to read more… As simple entertainment that can be read in a few hours.. This book filled the role well. I kept wanting to know how the story evolved.. If you are looking for intellectual content… the book may offer a shred of philosophy – and hopefully incite a need to look further, plenty of holes in the technological side of things, seeing as the book was written in 2012, and set in 2049 or so… It feels like the author was a layman and refused to do research into technology or robotics etc and felt like I was reading a 1950’s vision of robots and the level of technology humanity and a self aware robot race could have.

Apart from that, the technology set the stage for a story.. and it was fun enough to read. If you are looking for safe book for your kids to read, to get them away from their Playstation or XBox, this would be a great choice… a small amount of violence, some death and execution of prisoners, and no sex etc. But it did introduce some cool concepts like social re-education one might encounter in a totalitarian system, I don’t think the book was pushing politics, there was no euphemism for any real life government… Pure science fiction entertainment…. And sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that.

Nice enough book, hardly challenging. Some food for thought, but not much. A nice enough story that will keep the reader interested till the end, and opens for the possibility of a sequel. Thumbs up from me 🙂 Not great but definitely not terrible.

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