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November eBay Wrangling.

Apart from my book hunts at thrift stores & bookstores, I shop around on eBay. Mainly for specific authors or book lots. I found a few nice undervalued books on eBay over the last month.

Among the books I bought was a Kafka Omnibus – nice reading edition of a few of his works, a James Dashner “Maze Runner” last 1st edition I ordered from America, so was happy to pick up a copy in Australia, and the Jewel in the crown was a 1st British edition of Frank Herberts “Children of Dune”, with the new movie out its become even more collectible than normal.

I don’t often buy Heron editions of books, but I made an exception for this lot:

Aristotle – Politics, Bacon – The Advancement of Learning, Boswell – The Life of Samuel Johnson, Kafka – The Trial, More – Utopia, Nietzsche – Thus Spoke Zarathustra & Plato – The Republic. Not rare but intelligent reading for the discerning bibliophile, books that I may read prior to sale. I found them looking for Kafka hard covers, and was happy to pay for the lot.

Till the next treasure hunt.

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