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Star Date 07-12-21 – A Voyage to Carrum Downs

Dark Skies, Drizzle, but a pleasant enough day here in Melbourne. I felt like book hunting and was able to get a lift to Savers & Vinnies Carrum Downs. Savers had a bunch of staples today, not seen a rare book for several weeks. They had some over priced folio society books behind the counter… but alas I had limited funds today, did not even ask to see them or enquire about price. Looked like Greek myths, and normally I would have at least looked at them.

I did pick up about 11 books, including William Shatner (Captain Kirk – Star Trek) biographies, thought that was a cool find… There were a few other decent books, pictures of the haul below:

After Savers we went to Vinnies, down the road, not much today, I found 3 books including a later printing of “The Girl Who kicked the Hornets Nest”, I did also find a nice paper back of the book thief, purely as a reading copy for me, will try find some time to sit back and give it a read.

Again I will keep mentioning how good some of these causes are, every time you buy something at a thrift store it helps someone in the community, hot meals, clothing, and even shelter for the homeless, if you are not into thrifting leaving a donation of goods or even some funds will go a long way.

Till the next treasure hunt.

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