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26 Degrees, Treasure hunting in Spring, Carrum Downs & Frankston

So, it seems spring has finally decided to appear, an amazing day with a temperature of 26c. I had access to a car today, as well as a little spare cash, have been mostly stuck at home the last week or so, figured it would be a great chance to do some book hunting.

We drove to Savers in Carrum Downs, I have mentioned the address several times, so wont go into details. Quite a few books today, I mean new stock. There was a large Star Wars paper back set in the cabinet “Special” section. I don’t often buy paper backs – so I decided to move on happy with the 4 or 5 books I picked up.

We drove to the Vinnies on Frankston Dandenong Road in Carrum Downs, many new books – I picked out maybe 10 Hard Cover 1st editions, some quite rare others just staples for the shop. I must mention as a tiny bit of advertising for the store… They had a sale on dvds… 10 DVDs for 2$, an absolutely insane bargain, for anyone looking for movies or even gifts.

I didn’t quite have enough book hunting at this stage, the access to the car was over. I made way to Frankston on foot (I had other errands to run anyway). Stopped at my favourite tobacconist, had my little Rum Mini Cigars and walked down to the RSCPA shop across from my favourite cafe. Not much new stock but I did pickup an unread boxed Fifty Shades trilogy in paper back for a few dollars, also 2 Stephen Lawhead books which appear to be quite rare and semi valuable.

Not used to the heat, I decided to go home after I ran some errands, so here I am writing this blog (after a short rest). As always check out the thrift stores in you area, leading up to Christmas it gives these organisations funds to help those in need and having a worse holiday period than you. Be kind, if you don’t like used goods, consider a small donation to your favourite charity.

Till the next treasure hunt (coming soon).

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