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Sunday Market & Quick Thrift Store Hunt

The other day I was in Central Frankston, I thought I would check out the Salvos Store, I had been there a few days earlier… But they already had more new books, a few nice finds… including a nice reading copy of a book about Australian culture by George Negus, I had thoroughly enjoyed his other books about Italy & The Middle East. I Look forward to reading it before it is added to the store, some other interesting and semi valuable books are in the lot below.

Yesterday was Market day in Frankston, it’s only a small market usually but I think this was one of the 1st weekends it was open since the lockdown, not many stall at all maybe 6-7, nothing major there this week… But looking forward to summer and many more stalls being there. I will be making a trip to Camberwell Market soon, but this week in Frankston apart from a few Stephen King Hard covers, there really wasn’t much.

Keep checking the blog for more treasure hunts, and secret hunting locations, till the next time 🙂

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