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Backtrack to Vinnies, then on the bus to Seaford & Chelsea

The other day I forgot to head into Vinnies in Frankston, is a beautiful day outside, so I thought why not visit a few thrift stores. I walked to Frankston CBD and had a quick look around the Vinnies store, nothing drew my attention apart from a paper back of “Rock Chicks” I decided to leave it there for the next person, had it been a hard cover I would most definitely have bought it. I check my phone to see if the Brotherhood of St Laurence in Seaford had opened up since lock down ended. I was in luck it was open.

As the trains are out for another few weeks, I caught the replacement bus to Seaford and walked down to the shop. I don’t think I have blogged about this store so here goes. It is located at: Shop 1/1–3 Station St, Seaford VIC 3198.

It is a medium sized shop and they have a decent enough book section, I have not been here for over a year due to all the Covid Lockdowns, so seeing as the weather was perfect, today would be a great day to get down to Seaford. There were quite a few books, I decided to only get 5-6 as i was still planning on travelling further. Its a great little shop, plenty of nick knacks, jewelry, clothing etc. They do an amazing service for the community, it’s definately putting this in your GPS and heading down, albeit not too often as they don’t get a tonne of new donations often. I tend to come here every 3-6 months.

Still not having fully satisfied my treasure hunting needs i walked back to the station and patiently waited for the bus to Chelsea, I have previously blogged about the shops here, due to covid and shops being closed for so many months… only 2 thrift stores survived… The 1st one I visited was Salvos, a heap of books there today, I picked up 6-7 books, the store is a nice new “boutique” themed shops, its clean and looks much like a regular store selling new products. Very much worth visiting….

The next store open in Chelsea is the RSPCA shop, its a little dirty looking, but super cheap (as with all the other RSPCA shops), nothing here for me today, not the last few times I have visited – please if you visit the RSPCA stores they charge so little, always if you can afford an extra few dollars, leave it as a donation.. they are by far the cheapest stores I know of.

Overall today I picked up quite a few nice books, the cream was the Michael J Fox memoir / autobiography and a signed CJ Koch novel – among a few other rarish books.

I had a lot of fun, not so much dragging a back pack and shopping bag back to Frankston, but that’s part of the journey.

Till the next treasure hunt….

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