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September Lock Downs, Online Book Hunting

So the verdict is in, Melbourne has gone from World’s most livable City, to World’s most locked down city…. According to international rankings.

I won’t lie, being stuck at home for months now is starting to get old. However I have managed to locate a fantastic Science Fiction book lot. Facebook and eBay have been slim pickings lately, as much time as I have managed to put into hunting books down, there isn’t altogether that much out there.

Once I find myself in data entry mode, the above books will be added to the store. Funnily enough these books were mis-advertised on eBay, the seller had listed them as SiFi, only by luck… looking through the sellers inventory did I notice these. Mostly first editions of fairly obscure titles, rare but not necessarily expensive books, but as one our focus genres (Sci Fi), I just had to get them.

Post took about 2 weeks from a Victorian address to a metro Vic Address, Oz post is really struggling to deliver on time, and for that reason I have stopped looking for more. I hope that we will be out of this lockdown within a few weeks and I can go on a proper hunt… Apart from coffee and a cigar at my local cafe, book hunting is sorely missed… It has been several months now since that was a possiblity.

Till the next treasure hunt (hopefully a real one).

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