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Some book hunting on the other side of town.

I was borrowing a friends car on Saturday to buy a large book lot, he asked me if we could go to Savers in Greensborough before we left the area, as he lives in the Greensborough area.

We had a coffee first, theres a cafe on Main St that allows smoking outside on the street whilst having a coffee… I cannot have coffee anymore without a cigar or cigarette.. I drink a lot of tea instead as it goes better with my fruity vapes.

One thing about the Savers store in Greensborough is that the books are more fairly priced than my local one in Carrum Downs. I didn’t really find anything spectacular, but I did get a giant Savers bag filled with books, for a reasonable sum.

Managed to get a few books from Umberto Eco, Stephen Donaldson, Marion Zimmer Bradly & a few others. Nothing crash hot but I regard these as staples, products that will sell repeatedly for smaller amounts, nothing wrong with picking up cheaper books… As long as the price is reasonable.

We drove to pickup the large lot of books, there is another blog post about that, so I won’t go into details. But we had to drive back to Frankston to drop them. On the way back we stopped at both the Knox & Mornington Recycling centres, I found a few books, but as I was running low on funds… I decided not to buy them, the recycling centes are not great for books, and I rarely buy any.. but I thought I would mention them… If you want to google “Knox Treasure Chest” and “Mornington Outlook” both shops specialise in different types of products, Knox used to be great for electronics etc, whilst the Mornington is great for vintage furniture and collectables. Both great places to visit, if you are driving past.

I am all “booked” out and probably won’t go on another treasure hunt for at least the next week, but keep an eye on the blog, as the next treasure hunt will be sooner rather than later.

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