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Ever So Slowly… Adding books to the website.

I bought quite a few books over the last few weeks. Working as much as I can on adding stock. Managed to do 32 books today, finally had to stop as my brain cannot handle any more date entry for the day.

840 Books listed as of right now, thankfully we are just starting out.. and there are maybe another 300 books to add. I have know for quite a while physical book shops cannot last, as more and more stores close… it absolutely imperative to have an online presence. So here we are… 11:30 pm at night an entire day devoted to adding books… roughly 15 minutes per book. If we continue to grow, we will add books to the site as they come in… so as not to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job at hand.

I’m not sure if i will have the energy to continue this tomorrow.. but the aim is to get the last of the books purchased on Friday as well as all 23 David Weber 1st editions listed… Will keep you updated, check the store for new additions… The shop is open, if you wish to buy a book.

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