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Frankston & Carrum Downs – Largest Haul To Date.

I was in Frankston a few days ago, I had to kill an hour before an appointment.. and due to bills etc… More or less penniless. But I did walk around and visit all the thrift stores keeping a mental note of where good books were. I went back yesterday afternoon.

The RSPCA in Frankston not taking donations right now due to having too much stock, and they were having a sale on books. I did find a few ok books nothing special, and along with my purchase donated a few dollars. It’s a great cause and they are ridiculously cheap.. I always try to add a few $$$ as a donation when buying something.

Vinnies across from the station had a ton of books the previous day, so I made my way there picked out about 15 books, and paid a very reasonable amount for them… Nothing super exciting – but great staples for the store.

Later in the day I managed to get a lift to Carrum Savers, this is where it got exciting. There were 23 First edition Science fiction novels by David Weber – all missing dustjackets… a great find, and although it is trashy Military Sci Fi – they are highly collectable.

I also picked up a 1st Edition (British) “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown – I got overly excited, unnecessarily… The British first edition came out a few years after the American, and is substantially cheaper, none the less a great find,

A really great haul for a day I wasn’t really intending to do a big book hunt – I came away with 49 great books… Now it will take me several days to add to the book store.

As usual remember to step into your local thrift / op shop – even a few $$$ spent helps people in need. As I have mentioned before we will be donating 5% of our sales to a random charity each month.

Until the next treasure hunt.

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