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A short stop in Frankston – RSPCA & Salvos

Had to pick something up in Frankston CBD today, I had a few Dollars spare and some extra time… I walked the long way around to RSPCA, they had a huge sign saying they were full and not accepting donations. The book section was quite empty, a few pulp fiction type books from Courntenay & Grisham, I did not even check if they were 1st editions, may have been. Nothing really caught my eye here today.

So I walked on to the Frankston Salvo’s store – lots and lots of new books, i picked out 5 that caught my eye, nothing super interesting but I did manage to get a 1st edition Keith Richards biography, made me smile as i picked one up not long ago and it was a later edition.

For the sum I paid for these 5 books it was a very fruitful excursion, a folio society and a Queen Elizabeth biography, excellent reading.. and great additions to the store. I am glad I stopped by the 2 thrift stores.

I am looking at getting a pile of 80 older books from a deceased estate sale, not really sure what’s in there, might be good… might be a waste of money and space… but I will know more about it in a few days. Will make a blog post about that once it is finalised.

Until the next treasure hunt.

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