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Adding Books to the website again.

I have just added another 20 lots of books, and will continue doing more every day whilst the Melbourne lockdown is on. Everything from Tennessee Williams to Suzanne Collins and James Dashner.

Getting ready for the day that Google decides to index the whole site and shows up in search results finally.. at which stage, most likely stock will be added to eBay and a marketing campaign on Facebook.

We may even do a give away or two to celebrate. We have been working on this website maybe 6-8 months, one of the other websites I have been working on took 9 months to show up properly on Google Search.

Bear with us, there are still a lot more books to add.. maybe another 400-500 and we get more stock quite frequently. It looks like the lockdown may go on another week or two, so I aim to be productive… and work on expanding the advertised stock.

Hope all of you are staying safe. Until our next post.. will keep you all updated as I add books.

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