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To Mordialloc & Mentone on the Train in the Rain.

Yet again I had an urge to go on a Book Hunt. Today I decided to catch the train down to Mordialloc & Mentone – on the Frankston line. I know a few great thrift/op shops in both places and although I didn’t buy anything spectacular I did get some nice shelf fillers.. staples.

First off I must say today is pretty bleak and dreary here in Frankston, it’s been dark, sky covered in black clouds.. and raining almost the entire day… I did not let that stop me.. I was buying books… no matter what the weather was like.

I walked to Frankston station, trains are every 10 minutes.. so did not have long to wait. 15 minutes or more later I arrived in Mordialloc.

There are 2 Thrift stores here, A nice and modern Salvos store & A Lions Club. I had not been into the current Salvos store as it was closed for weeks even after quarantine was over.. months ago.. I guess the store was getting a facelift..

It’s really nice inside, looks more like a commercial clothing store than a Salvos, for all the people that love recycled clothing.. I’m sure you would find something here. The Lions Club on the other hand is not as nice, but they have a giant book section… overflowing… and prices so low you end up leaving a donation, at least I do. Both Shops are in the little service lane off Nepean Highway… 100m from the train station or so. I did pick up a few nice books from both stores.. the Salvos triple or more the price of the Lions Club. I must stress the wonderful work these societies and organizations do for the local communities. I love book hunting at these places and I don’t feel guilty spending a few dollars.

I got back on the train and headed down to Mentone. In the last 2-3 years the stations on our line have been getting a facelift… this station was one of the 1st to get redone… Anyway I digress… Literally the best book thrift store is in Mentone.

St Augustines, is literally one of the best places in Melbourne to get used books, their shelves are constantly overflowing.. one cannot see the books behind the recent additions, possibly 2-3 rows of books behind each other, it’s impossible to get to the books at the back, and although I’ve been coming here for years, I still wonder what i have missed in the books covered by newer books, for sanities sake I just assume they have all been cherry picked.

The prices here are phenomenal, I bought 10 books and it was extremely cheap.. I come here every 2-3 months and it never disappoints. There is another thrift store here directly across the road, and it is a Salvos, a very small store but they do have from time to time some nice vintage books from 1900-1950’s which are now becoming scarce.

Both stores are located on Florence St, Mentone, right in the middle of the main shopping district. The Salvos again expensive in comparison, but I did manage to get a 1st Edition “Plague Dogs” by Richard Adams, a nice score and an author I collect.

I managed to buy 17 books today, here are some pictures of what I brought back.

Right so back in the warmth and away from the rain, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed todays 2 hour trip, it is literally something that can be done on a shoe string budget. If books are not for you.. I know a few people buying clothes and “bric a brac” from thrift store, be it as a hobby or a little business venture… Money for jam so to speak. Please support your local op / thrift store as they really help people in need.

Till the next treasure hunt.

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