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A stroll in Frankston – Slim Pickings

I felt like getting out an about today, i walked to Frankston, bought myself a coffee and a few cigars (one of the ways I unwind).

I visited the Salvos, RSPCA Op Shop, Vinnies & Save The Children, Not really a great deal there… As I mainly buy hardcover books, the Salvos was overstocked… with books on top of other stacked books.. but nothing caught my eye. The RSPCA shop on the other hand had lots of room for new books, obviously donations had not been great over the last few weeks (I did get some treasures there last time.

The Vinnies, had a few books worth buying, an older gentleman initiated a conversation about magazine, I chatted for a few minutes then made my leave. I did pickup up a few non fiction titles including a Coco Chanel biography and some history books. Not a great haul but at least the Vinnies was fairly priced.

Although there wasn’t much to buy today.. I am still pleased at finding some interesting books. I will start adding the remaining 4-500 books shortly, We may also add all stock to the eBay store at some stage.

As always support your local thrift/op shops, they do amazing things for people in need in the community. Until the next treasure hunt.

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