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Some eBay purchases & some great finds @ Savers Carrum Downs.

Last few weeks I made some purchases on eBay, namely John Boyd books – an author of one of my favourite books (The Last Starship From Earth). I have looked before and have not seen hardcover 1st editions, but a few weeks ago I found 2 books by him, in hard cover, albeit book club editions. I thought I would get them for the store regardless.

I did also get a book of short stories by Franz Kafka, and a set of hardcover Herman Hesse books in German, these were a great deal and i could not resist.

Today i had an urge to head out to Savers in Carrum Downs, there were quite a few books I would have liked to have purchased, but I settled on Isaac Asimov. A nice collection of Foundations & Robots, plus a cool omnibus with several of his books in the one volume.

I also have Thomas Mann – Doctor Faustus 1st edition enroute from the US. Until the next book hunting adventure.

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