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May The 4th Be With You – very short hunting expedition in Carrum Downs

So it’s Star Wars Day, I managed to get a lift to Carrum Downs. We stopped at the Savers store, and although I did not find any Star Wars merchandise… I did however pick up a few cool books for the store.

What surprised me were the high prices on hard Cover books on my visit today, still affordable I guess but… I shouldn’t complain some of the other Savers Stores are not even taking books as donation anymore.

I did manage to get some non-fiction, two books about the Anzacs & Gallipoli, as well as a Rudyard Kipling Anthology and Arthur Conan Doyle anthology of Sherlock Stories, all quite cool books and i happily paid the asking price.

Next stop was the Vinnies in Carrum Downs, a lot to choose from, their shelves full to the brim, again much more appealing prices and I managed to get a Book Club “Gone With The Wind” hardcover, 1st one I have seen in many years, a really rare book in Hard Cover, one can usually every so often find Scarlett (continuation of the story), but Gone With The Wind is an elusive title and i was happy to pick it up.. I did also pick up a 1st edition of a George Johnston book, I was being frugal as space is a valuable commodity right now, and not that much room left on the shelves here, even though there were still good value books to pick up.

The Vinnies has a special cabinet for older books, but apart from a Leon Uris book there wasn’t anything that really made interested.

I have been buying books on eBay lately and will do a combined post once they all arrive..

Until the next treasure hunt 🙂

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