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Tuesday afternoon stroll through Frankston & a large purchase of electronics books.

Had to kill some time this afternoon waiting for an appointment, grabbed a cigar or two from the tobacconist and leisurely walked through some of the Thrift Stores in the area.

First stop was the RSPCA shop on the corner, they were closing up for the day, but i had enough time to quickly look through the books, found a few books and some cheap blu-ray movies, had a quick look at their “Special” Cabinet, unfortunately nothing super interesting.

Next stop was the Salvos, I had just missed the opening times of another shop, but i had some time to look through the Salvos books, there were interesting books but quite expensive, I did buy them though, as they are something i will read down the track, even if no interest on the online store.

Also as part of one of our other side projects (Electronics) I travelled to Clifton Hill on Saturday and picked up a lot of electronics tools magazines etc. Was fortunate enough to pick up a stack of rare electronics books, these will eventually make it to the iboughtabook website.

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