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Book Hunt – Chelsea & Frankston in the rain.

Quite a horrid day outside today, although it only started to rain later in the afternoon. I Had an appointment in Chelsea, so I left a little early and went for a coffee and visited a few thrift stores in Frankston, notably The Salvos & RSPCA shop.

There were a few books, I found another Victor Kelleher – Del-Del 1st edition and a couple of interesting hard covers including a recent Hemingway.

Jumped on the train and visited the Salvos in Chelsea, again a few interesting books. Mostly shelf filler. I went past the Chelsea RSPCA but unfortunately they were closed by the time I got there.

After my appointment I jumped back on the train and once in Frankston again I visited the Vinnies across from the station, Found 2 Hard Cover biographies of Ingrid Bergmen and Audrey Hepburn.

Unfortunately walking back home I got stuck in a mini deluge, and some of the books got a little water on the covers, I am hoping they don’t stain.

Having gotten that out of my system might be a while before I go foraging for books again. Until next time 🙂

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