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Frankston Mini Run. A Treasure Hunt

Once or twice a week I buy a handful of cigars and visit my favourite Cafe in Frankston, although a bit warm for coffee, I had a chance to relax for a few minutes… make conversation with a total stranger…

Directly opposite the Cafe is the RSPCA Op Shop, you may be familiar with it now as I have blogged about the store several times.

This is a really nice shop, very small but has a decent sized book section, it is a great place for older books, as I think most of the donations will be made by the elderly, it is a great cause and I try buy a few books here when I can. Today i managed to get a few nice 1st editions including Del-Del. They have a few older older books in the glass cabinets, but nothing that caught my eye today.

I was planning on going home, but the Salvos in Frankston is within easy reach, so I stopped in… they currently have too many books.. with new additions stacked in front of older stock…

Both the RSPCA and Salvos are great causes, if you are in the are drop in, and do some retail therapy on a budget… every dollar spent helps people, and in the Case of the RSPCA shop… animals.

The books I bought today:

Till the next Treasure Hunt.

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