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Website Update – Stock Added. 12-12-20

I have been working on another website project for the last week or so… finally had the go ok to stop working on it for now. Today I managed to list the ramaining Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Anne Rice and JRR Tolkien..

I will endeavor to get a few more shelves listed by the new year, I have had to slow down the book buying as A: We are almost out of space, B: I cannot keep up with doing detailed listings… ie we are buying more than we can lists…

So theres a few nice 1st editions in the mail. I managed to get a nice copy of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire (1st edition)… that is now on the website, as well as a Tolkien – Tales from the Perilous Realm… we have 2 copies of those now… both on the website.

I managed to find a Maze Runner 1st edition in the US.. that is coming soon, as well as a Scorch trial 1sts edition, am looking to get the full set of the Hunger Games 1st edition in the next few weeks.

But yeh this was just a little update to let you know… yes we are here… slowly adding more books… as of right now we have 444 books listed.. with at least another 4-500 to go.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog… as I am still doing an occasional book hunt.

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