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Main Street Blues – A Treasure Hunt

Start of Summer here in Melbourne, although the last week has been icey, snow reported in the mountains… which is out of character for Victoria.. by now normally we have sweltering heat.

Anyway, I managed to get a lift to Main Street Mornington, we visited two stores, the Salvos and Vinnies, both are located in the Main Street of Mornington (where all the shops are)

The Salvos was a very small store, mostly clothing, a very small book section, but I managed to find a few trifles, nothing great.. but some interesting read.

A few doors down is the Vinnies, again a small store, but a slightly larger book section… I managed to walk out for a few books, but left a little disappointed, I like finding at least one special book or two.

I did walk out of both stores with some books:

So there you have it, Main Street Blues… when you cry cos you got nothin’

If you are in Mornington and want to spend a tiny bit of money for retail therapy, stop by.. as these stores are legendary… helping people in need… in their communities.

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