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Double Trouble in Chelsea Heights – A Treasure Hunt.

Beautiful Spring / Summer day here in Melbourne… I Managed to get a lift o Chelsea Heights and back. What’s in Chelsea Heights you might ask… and especially in an industrial area?

Well to answer the question, two medium to large sized thrift stores, both a Vinnies & a Salvos, they are located at 1-5 Hartwood Ct, Chelsea Heights VIC 3196.

So firstly, the Vinnies Store, it’s a nice clean store, lots of cool items from Clothing to furniture etc, decent book section and very fair prices, there were not that many interesting books, but I did manage to pickup some interesting paperbacks. I walked out with half a bag of books, great shelf fillers for the store.

Literally next door was the Salvo’s. Lately i have not been impressed with books at other Salvo’s stores, this store a little bit harder to get to than other stores, had an amazing collection of hard cover books, with prices comparable to Vinnies, not the heavily inflated prices one might find at other Salvo’s stores… The recent trend at some Salvo’s stores has been to mark everything up at eBay retail prices… but this store was definitely different. Nice clean store again lots of clothes, some special cabinets with rare items… although I did not really wander anywhere except the book section. I managed to find a few Tim Winton first edition as well as John Marsden as well as a slew of interesting books (a lot of 1st Editions) – nothing super special but I was pleased with my full giant savers bag of books.

I highly recommend visiting both these stores, especially with Christmas coming up and more people than usual requiring assistance from these two organisations. A few dollars spent in either store goes to a great cause… people in need, in your community.

Some of the books I picked up today:

So that was double trouble in little Chelsea, just some humour to kick off December, until the next treasure hunt 🙂

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