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2 Runs in One Day – Chelsea and Carrum – A Treasure Hunt.

It was a very hot day to be out today, I think it hit 35 degrees and much hotter out of the shade… But i had a hankering to get out and about, browse some new book shelves and make some purchases (on a budget).

I jumped on the train and headed towards Chelsea, it used to be a great stretch of road on Nepean Highway with 3-4 thrift stores within a few hundred metres of the each other. Unfortunately once I arrived I saw that one shop had been closed permanently and another was opening next Monday… but there was now a new moderately sized Salvos store opened (I had never been inside before).

The Salvos in Chelsea is a nice clean modern store, not too dissimilar to a normal retail store one might expect in a shopping centre.

I found a few books, but not a great choice, perhaps it is just that it is a new store and they simple have not had a chance to acquire enough stock. I look forward to coming back here in a few weeks and seeing if there are more books on offer.

Up the road, the last remaining thrift store is the RSPCA Op Shop, its a little messy in there, this charity does not make a lot of money, I found a set of “The Hunger Games” books in paper back, when I went to pay for the item, they asked so little for them that i requested to make a donation on top of the book sale, they seemed very surprised by my gesture, but it’s a good cause. There are occasionally some rare books in this shop, usually in the glass cabinet at the counter, but there was nothing there today.

I left feeling unsatiated, so I jumped back on the train and headed back to Frankston, although remembering that there was a tiny Brotherhood of St Lawrence near Seaford Station, I got off the train and walked over to the shop… that too was unfortunately closed with no indication if they would open again. This added to my need to get hold of more books. So I boarded another train towards Frankston.

Once I got to Frankston, I was tempted to go have a coffee and head home afterwards, but as I got to Frankston Station the 901 Bus was just about ready to leave, so I boarded the bus and headed towards Carrum, a run you may already be familiar with, as I have blogged about it 2 times or so.

The bus took me as far Hall Road where I disembarked and made my way to Savers, the Saver store had a bit more new stock, but nothing special, I think I walked out with 7 books or, my bag finally filled and my needs almost satisifed.

Dragging my now full backpack and a shopping bag full of books in the Mid afternoon sun (must have been over 40c in the sun), I made my way to Vinnies, just a few hundred metres down hill.

There were some new books, a lot of Tom Clancy and other similar authors had been donated, but I generally leave the pulp fiction behind, it is just too common. I Did score a few books, again nothing great. I had to get a 3rd bag out of my backpack, for the books from here. I finally felt like I had accomplished something, I decided to not hit the 3d thrift store in this run… the last few times had left me disappointed and my brain was starting to get fried from the heat. I quickly went past my old work and said hello to my old boss, my old work being literally 200 metres from the Salvos store, that is part of this run.

Some of the books I managed to find in todays treasure hunts:

Again I will write this, these stores help many people in the community, even buying one item, goes towards feeding or clothing or sheltering a person in need. if you cannot visit these stores or thrifting is simply not your thing… things like the Red Shield appeal at Christmas is a good way to contribute.

Until the next treasure hunt…

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