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Very quick Frankston thrift store run while doing a small grocery shop.

I was in Frankston today for a very quick grocery shop trip, thought I’d stop past some of the stores.

Thrift store that finally opened up post covid was open today, it’s the Australia Red Cross store practically next to Frankston Salvos.

Very fairly priced books, not a great deal of choice as the store is struggling with space, but I did pickup up 2-3 books, I did not know they were having a half price opening sale.. and when the nice lady at the register told me the price… I asked if I could make a small donation along with my purchase.

A few steps away on the same street is the Frankston Salvos, there was a bit of new stock there today, I picked up some first edition, nothing fantastic – but great shelf fillers. On the way back I walk past the Vinnies to get back home – I had a quick look at new books that were not there a few weeks ago, most interesting would be the illustrated Mandela biography as well as some books on drugs and terrorism… again nothing special – but great books people might want to read.

Some of the books I bought today:

Please remember all these stores do great work in the community, and even by buying products from them, you are helping disadvantaged people receive things like food clothing and shelter. This store will donate 5% of revenue to some of these charities each month.

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