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Stock Updates 20-11-20

Been adding stock the last few days. Yesterday I managed to get all Anne Rice into the shop, just finished the Herman Hesse books.

I plan to add stock all weekend… I don’t thing we are even half way yet… Lot of work and I keep going on more treasure hunts. I am bringing more books than I am able to add to the site each evening.

There are now 365 books on the website. I think there may be 800-1000 total currently sitting on the shelves.

We are only a small online store… the bulk of the books being from my personal collection… I have been collecting books on a budget for 20 years… I have pruned the library back every so often… which I now regret.

Anyway will keep all of you posted about progress… the last to be listed will be about 100 or so art books..

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