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A little local and a lot further away – A treasure hunt.

After yesterdays heat, today felt like a blessing in comparison. I ventured out into Frankston, and decided to go to my local Vinnies and Salvos. There were a few new books that caught my eye, nothing special but nice popular shelf fillers that are bread and butter to any book shop. The stock doesn’t seem to be filling up very fast at these stores… but I do go there quite often, much like a computer game mob, one needs to let them respawn.

After this I was able to get a lift to Cranbourne Vinnies, you can find it at 218 High St, Cranbourne VIC 3977, the store is nice and clean, also quite large, lots of items to look at.. including a separate small building for electronics, lots of cool item from consoles, televisions to guitar amps… but as you know I am mainly on the look out for books.

Well… Cranbourne Vinnies, was absolutely fantastic, large section of books and some great finds, from rare history books to a full set of Lenin’s works. I managed to fill up a bag and a half of goodies, and prices were very fair. This store will be one of the ones that receives 5% of our sales monthly (alternating month by month to a different store).

Some of todays finds:

Again I cannot stress enough how much these stores help people in need, they provide emergency shelter, clothing and food to disadvantaged people or those just facing a crisis. If you are bored and you don’t want to spend much money, consider making a thrift store run. It’s a fun and cheap way of getting out of the house, and if like me, being sick of the recent Melbourne lockdown.. this is something that can be done on a very small budget.

Anyway, till the next treasure hunt… oh and please don’t forget to find us and follow on Facebook.

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