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Carrum run on a beautiful sunny day :)

I had to head down to Carrum again, for a computer part. While I was in the area I decided to visit the 3 thrift stores there… all within 1km of each other, its also great exercise walking around with bags of books.

As you may remember from a previous blog, The Carrum Run is Savers, Vinnies & Salvos… all 3 on Fankston Dandenong Road. I do this trip once a week or every second week.

Today is a really amazing spring day outside. I caught the bus to Savers, first thing I did was go to the special items section, there was a beautiful wine red Epiphone SG electric guitar there, but very expensive… plus I’m right handed so not for me. I had a look around the book section, it seems like savers is rotating it’s book stock around a little.

Not much at Savers today, although I did get an unread looking Narnia book, great reading copy. Also a Mohammed Ali biography, which should be an interesting read for someone.

I walked to down to Vinnies, and wow these guys just constantly have a supply of new books, I managed to pick up a bag of books, everything from general fiction to politics, history and economics books. The book section here is one of my favourite places to visit. There’s always something interesting here.

Lastly I walked down to the Salvos store, as usual slim pickings… nothing worth mentioning.. it is a popular store… so anything decent might get snapped up quickly, plus the prices are quite high… at least in comparison to most thrift stores on any of my runs.

Some of the books i picked up today:

So a nice morning trip, treasure hunting. I was not planning to do any this week… but as I had to grab a computer part anyway, I thought why not.

Until the next treasure hunt…

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