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Adding Stock 15-11-20

I have spent the last 8-10 hours listing 30 titles to the website. Hopefully I can stay motivated and keep working on this all week.

So far added all Ray Bradbury, Anthony Burgess & JG Ballard.. plus a few odd books by other Authors.

Still waiting on google to index more product pages.. but this may take several months.

We just received another 200 books from a friend who wants us to list them on consignment… so there is a lot of stock to add.

I think in total there may be 800 books or so currently here.. it’s a big job. Plus we are are constantly purchasing new stock… it takes longer to list them, than to source them currently… We are also limited by space, so at some stage we will have to stop getting new books.. or get rid of paper backs etc.

We look forward to having a few 1st orders. As we are a new business it might not happen for a few months.

Will keep adding blog posts as we add more authors.

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