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Recycling Centre Run – Treasure Hunt

So there are a few recycling centres around Melbourne, I had access to a car yesterday. I picked up a friend of mine that felt like going for a drive with me, he also had a car load of books for us to sell on consignment, we picked those up and drove back to our headquarters.

We got up early in the Morning and made our way to the Frankston Treasure Chest, I apologise for a lack of photos, I was occupied with driving and forgot to take any. We found a number of books, mostly non fiction, I think thrift stores have a much larger turnover of books in comparison to Recycling Centres, but as I have stated in one of the other blogs, it saves them ending up in Landfill, and sometimes one can find a nice pile of books.

We drove on to the Hampton Park recycling centres, it was a case of slim pickings, but I think I may have picked up 3-4 books, this shop is geared towards tools & office furniture… their book collection had recently been replaced by new stock and only 1/3 of the book shelves had any books on them, perhaps next time there will be more.

We then drove to the Knox Treasure chest, I was tired by then, and was simply driving my friend around, he was interested in picking up audio cd’s and he found many here, I barely look at the books here, but there were some, mainly pulp fiction, the liked of Tom Clancy and similar authors.

Our final stop was the Mornington Recycling Centre, we got there 10 minutes before it closed, so I helped my friend picking out Cd’s, this place is just insane with the quantity of audio Cd’s and Movies available, crazy prices too… extremely cheap. Had perused the books section last week, so I did not bother looking again… I will go back in a week or two, hopefully there will be new stock.

Books we picked up:

Until the next treasure hunt, have a lovely weekend… and visit your local charity, you will be supporting a great cause and you might get lucky and find something rare.

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