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Books Shop Find – Ayn Rand – Anthem 1st edition

I was browsing through an online book store I occasionally purchase rare books from, I was specifically looking for this book, they had underestimated the rarity of the book, when I rang them for more details – they were unsure.. I took a risk (as no photos of the book were in the listing) and purchased the book. It arrived today.

Its a strangle little book, 1st American edition published several years after the UK Edition. It is the second printing rather than the 1st I had hoped for, but still a very nice addition to someone library. I am happy with the purchase and will be adding it to the store soon, along with the 1st UK Fountainhead I picked up several weeks ago.

This for its time had a powerful message, printed by the Pamphleteers, heavily revised for the US market.

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