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Slim Pickings – A Treasure Hunt in Carrum

As I posted previously the thrift stores in Melbourne have just started opening up, some have very little stock due to several months of not accepting donations from the public… But that is changing, I was in Carrum a week ago and I managed to find a small treasure trove of old stock that had probably been sitting there since the start of lock down.

Savers in Carrum, last time I was there had very little stock in the form of books, today there seemed to be a little bit more choice, I managed to pickup a few 1st editions, nothing rare but nice additions to the store.

After Savers I walked down to the Vinnies down the road, again not much new stock since I was last there, but it was nice to see a fair number of people shopping both here and at Savers, I picked up a few books, filling up my bag. And continued down the road another 500 metres to the Salvos.

Salvos was closed last time I did this run, and I had primarily planned to go here as I wasn’t able to since it had opened. The book section seemed empty and I didn’t see any interesting books at all. Surprisingly a lot of people shopping here, there was a large line at the register.

I caught the bus back to Frankston, I did manage to pick up some very average books (apart from Jimi Hendrix biography), but it was slim pickings in Carrum.

What I managed to pick up today:

Till the next adventure, I hope you visit the blog for more stories, and share the thrill of the hunt with me 🙂

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