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A Friday Afternoon Trip to Mornington – A Treasure Hunt

I managed to get a lift to Mornington and back this afternoon, when I had a car at my disposal I went quite often, but alas not for almost a full year now. There are a great many places to buy second hand goods in Mornington, a great selection of items from books, to electronics, clothes, furniture etc.

The 1st place we went to was the Mornington recycling centre, it is across the road from the Mornington Racecourse. A nice selection of books here, there is also a glass cabinet with old books – although I did not find anything interesting there today. I did however find a few books in the general book section. I also noticed hundreds of cd’s and dvd’s if you are more interested in those. Although not a charity does reduce the amount of items going to Landfill, this place is also great for old wooden furniture, I saw a few beautiful pine cabinets and dining room sets for very low prices. One of the better places to go thrifting in Mornington.

We didn’t have time to visit all the shops I know this neck of the woods but we did manage to visit the Vinnies Store. Again a great place for clothing and household / kitchen items, the books section is a decent size, and I found a few nice books, the staff / volunteers are pleasant and helpful. The store can be reached via a service lane on Mornington Tyabb Road.

The last stop before heading back to Frankston was almost next door to the Vinnies – this place is great for all sorts of collectables books etc, at very affordable prices. It is called the New Peninsula Community Caring Op Shop, visit here when you are checking out some of the other stores.

I will hopefully be able to come here in a few weeks again, there is also an RSPCA store and A Salvos we did not have time to see. Next time perhaps.

Some of the books we found today:

Till the next treasure hunt 🙂 Hope you come back and read about the next installment in the Treasure Hunt Series.

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