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Small Thrift Stores in Frankston

I was out today to send out a parcel, I had a coffee at my favourite Cafe, directly opposite is the RSPCA Op Shop.

The address is 43 Playne St, in Frankston… it’s is only a tiny store, run by volunteers… Bit it has a medium sized book section, sometimes a great place to find older editions… I found a Maxim Gorki first edition there today from 1927. The Op Shop helps to raise money for the RSPCA – so if you are an animal lover, this is a great place to spend a few dollars and leave a small donation. The ladies working the counter, are very pleasant. There is also a glass section for collectibles they deem valuable, but still not super expensive… you can come away with a bag of books without spending much.

Next stop, walking home, was the Save the Children op shop, in the alley on the way to Coles and the shopping Centre, they have a surprisingly large collection of books, prices are a little higher, if you are after modern fiction paperbacks.. this is a really nice place to pickup something to read.

I managed to find 2 books for the shop. If you are in Frankston there are 5 or so thrift stores within walking distance of each other. There used to be a few more… but they have closed due to the covid pandemic, hopefully some more pop up… if I find more on my travels will promote them via this blog.

Todays treasure hunt yielded the following finds:

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