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Causal trip to Mordialloc & Mentone.

The book hunting bug has me… I caught the train to Mordialloc, there are 2 great thrift stores there. The Salvos store and the Lions Opportunity Shop, both on Main St Mordialloc (very close to the station). The Salvos store was still closed with paper covering the windows. The Lions Op Shop was open for business.

The Lions Op Shop has a nice collection of books, mainly paper backs, it has a decent Biography section (in hard cover) – but I was looking for fiction, I bought 3 books, quickly grabbed a bite to eat and boarded a city train to Mentone.

Mentone has a Salvos and a St. Augustines Southern Op Shop. The salvos store there has a nice selection of books… as well as a shelf devoted to older vintage books from the 1900-1950’s – I managed to pickup a few books here, and will try go back once I Have some more funds as The Vintage Books, are priced very high.

The St Augustines Op Shop, has a tonner of books and they are the cheapest you will find anywhere, they are overstocked and books at the front of the shelves cover the books behind, one could spend a whole day just rearranging books to get a look at the ones behind. I managed to fond a couple of books and left a small donation.

If you are in the area and bored (with a tight budget) check out all these stores, as they really do benefit the community, every purchase you makes, goes to helping those in need…

Books I managed to buy today:

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