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Sunday bus ride and visit to a new bookshop.

So i saw on Facebook that all the Savers stores were now open. I missed the opening yesterday, so I went today.

This is the Savers in Carrum Down, where the old Masters store used to be. As much as I like shopping at savers… it’s they don’t really do much for charity… I have heard that they buy clothing from Diabetes Australia by the Kilo, even though they advertise that they support Diabetes Australia, I don’t think they give them much funding. Saying that, the Savers stores are great for picking up a bargain… Some stores are better than others, in terms of stock etc.

The Carrum Down Store is pretty average, its their newest store in Melbourne, but bargains are rare, either it gets cherry picked by regular customers or simply its a bad area for donations.

This Savers store has a decent book collection, unfortunately today it was empty, hardly any hard covers alone. But if you are after recently published books, those can be found here for very good prices.

I manages to pick up a very small pile of books (3 to be exact):

I caught the bus back to Frankston, and thought I would see if the book shop I had seen several days ago was open. It was and I had a quick browse, lots of modern paper backs, again very few hard covers, but I will check back when I get another chance in a week or two.

The store is called Frankston Book Exchange, it is in a little alley near Chemist Warehouse.

If you are after a paper back, recently published etc. This place is the only book store in the area (second hand). I didn’t buy any books although I will next time I visit… Going there today was simple a reconnaissance mission :)D

I will be doing more thrift store hunts either this week or next Friday, I may be going all the way to Mornington. Check the blog in a few days 🙂

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