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A bus ride to Vinnies Carrum – A whole lotta books.

Vinnies in Carrum, on the service road for Frankston Dandenong Road, is a great place, they have a relatively large book section. Also many other items from clothing to furniture to electronic items… even Gold jewellery sometimes.

Again another great thrift store that contributes greatly to the Community… you may be wondering why I’m sharing details of my picking spots, I want these places to have more business and help more people out.

Today was a great day for books, many many hardcovers of popular authors. As I’m without a car I was limited by how much I could buy and carry home via an Uber.

Some of my finds today:

I did also carry my loaded bags down to the Carrum Salvos, but they were unfortunately still closed and wont reopen till mid next week, as i was there they were cleaning the store and getting ready for opening. I had business to attend to around the corner, so I thought I’d try to kill several birds with one stone… or rather utilise best the mildy expensive Uber trip home with several heavy bags.

Really happy with the pickings today, I will attempt to list the books this weekend… although maybe not till next week as I Have other projects that require my attention urgently.

I hope to visit another store close to there on Monday, when they re-open, again check back in a few days, to see if any more treasure hunts have taken place.

Enjoy your weekend, some post Covid lockdown freedom… Why not visit your local thrift store… they really do help people out quite a lot.

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